3V6 Restaurant in Bydgoszcz

About the Restaurant 3v6

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

Restaurant 3V6 is located in a 4-star City Hotel in Bydgoszcz, and that obligates. Our guests appreciate the fantastic atmosphere, the professional service, and the excellent food. Explore our broad menu and you are guaranteed to discover something to your liking.

Join us on this culinary adventure.

About 3V6 Restaurant

Great flavor and elegance

A unique atmosphere

Elegant and modern interiors of Restaurant 3V6 and carefully selected, subtle background music in conjunction with professional and discreet waiting service ensure a distinguished experience. We strive to provide you with true VIP treatment.

Excellent cuisine

Exquisite dishes

The menu at Restaurant 3V6 lists thoughtfully curated meals. It consists of signature dishes of our cooks. Fresh, high-quality ingredients turn into excellent food in the hands of our experienced and passionate kitchen staff. We specialise in Polish and European cuisine, but we continuously explore food of other cultures to meet our Guests’ needs. We prepare a custom menu for any occasion, whether it is a romantic date or a professional business meeting. Flavour of the food is emphasised by a carefully selected offer of wines and alcoholic beverages. We will meet any special dietary needs of our Guests – please contact us to make an inquiry.

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About 3V6 Restaurant
About 3V6 Restaurant

Perfect celebrations

Unforgettable moments

Restaurant 3V6 offers you the perfect setting for organising both private and business events. Convenient location in the very centre of the city, the option to connect the restaurant with banquet halls, comfortable accommodation in the 4-star City Hotel, and a large, guarded car park provide the event organisers with a broad range of possibilities. We can arrange a wedding reception, a first communion party, and other family events. We will help you organise a prom party, a company banquet, or a conference. Our years of experience and a professional team will guarantee a successful event. You are welcome to explore our offer regarding event organising services.

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