3V6 Restaurant in Bydgoszcz

Memorable wedding

Unique moments

A wedding is an extraordinary event, which is why it is important to arrange for it correctly. If you are looking for a classy venue to organise your wedding reception in, come to Restaurant 3V6. You will find wonderful atmosphere here.
One of our advantages is our excellent location in the centre of Bydgoszcz, in a 4-star hotel – City Hotel. Vast possibilities are available due to adjustable space, allowing us to connect the restaurant with adjacent banquet halls.
Accommodation in comfy hotel rooms and a guarded carpark are further conveniences that we can provide to the event’s guests.
Years of experience that our team holds in planning and servicing events guarantees that your wedding reception goes flawlessly.  We are flexible in meeting your needs and we will make sure to arrange the event in line with your fantasies. We will also offer advice if you do not have the wedding fully envisioned yet.
With us, you will feel special on this special day, and your party will be unforgettable.

Wedding in 3V6 Restaurant

Wedding offer

In the price we organize, among others:

  • traditional welcome with bread and salt,
  • toast,
  • wedding menu in the chosen option (with the possibility of composing your own),
  • standard table decoration (fresh flowers, napkins, candles, elegant tableware)
  • printout of wedding menus, cards for all tables

The menu includes:

  •  lunch
  •  dinner
  •  soft drinks (detailed in the offer).

Additionally, we offer

Wedding in 3V6 Restaurant
Wedding in 3V6 Restaurant

Gift for the bride and groom


  • free parking for all party participants
  • discount on room with breakfast for wedding guests
  • 50% discount on menu for wedding staff
    (photographer, videographer, DJ, band members)
  •  for children: small children without extra set - free,
      children under 5 years of age - 50% of the menu price.


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